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Do McDonalds use surveys?

The McDonaldsFoodforThoughts Survey at www.Mcdfoodforthoughts.com aims to ascertain how customers feel about the fast food chain. Only individuals who have dined at the restaurant may complete this survey.

The owners of this company want to determine what makes and does not make their customers happy. They will utilize this feedback to enhance their products and services. So, you should provide honest responses.

What is the McDonald’s food for thought survey?

McDonald’s Food for Thought is an online survey that allows customers to share their experiences with McDonald’s outlet management after making a purchase.

Answering some basic questions about McD and its product, In exchange for completing the survey, the customer receives a Voucher for a free meal.

Steps to Start McDFoodForThoughts Survey


How are customers invited to take part in food for thought Mcdonald’s?

You must be 16 years old or over to be eligible to receive this offer. The food for Thoughts Survey must be completed at www.mcdfoodforthoughts.com within 60 days of receiving a receipt containing a survey participation code. Please read their Terms and Conditions before starting the survey.

Where do you enter McDonalds 12 digit code?

  • First Visit the Mcdfoodforthoughts survey at Mcdonalds website
  • You will be asked for a valid purchase receipt in the next window.
  • If you have the receipt, it contains a unique 12-digit code. All you have to do is enter this code into the appropriate box. You will also need to provide the purchase amount. as shown Below
  • You can check out complete step by step details of Mcd food for thoughts survey details at www.Mcdfoodforthoughts.com

Steps to Start McDFoodForThoughts Survey



What do you get for filling out Mcdonald’s survey?

If you live in the UK, You can get one Medium Fries or a Side Salad for £1.99 with a Big Mac or Filet-o-Fish. And If you live in Ireland, You can get a Big Mac or a Vegetable Deluxe for €3.90 and a medium fry for filling out Mcdonald’s survey.

How do I redeem McDonald’s survey code?

  • For UK and Ireland, the First Visit Mcdfoodforthoughts survey at Macdonalds website
  • Take a simple McDFoodForThoughts Survey
  • Enter your McDonalds 12 digit code
  • answer simple question
  • Get rewarded

What does FF mean on Mcdonald’s receipt?

On Mcdonald’s receipt, FF means “fast food.”

If you still have a question, you can contact our Customer Support.


Steps to Start McDFoodForThoughts Survey

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